About HIT

The HIT project is a European project that provides young people with knowledge and tools to address hate speech towards migrants and minorities. With these tools, they can identify, and then report, these abusive speeches.

To achieve this goal, the project offers a new model of empowerment of young Europeans through the creation of "Hate interruptor Teams" (HITs), aimed mainly at people from 14 to 19 years old. These teams are supported by young mentors, and young workers. In addition, they will have the possibility of counteract hate speech and behavior towards migrants (HSBM) in their communities, at school and among their peers.

Throughout the project, different activities will be organized:

• Training sessions for young people, so that they can identify hate speech in marketing, creative campaigns and production of graphic guides. The young members of the Hate Interrupter Teams will be trained through participatory and inclusive arts-based practices, facilitated by young mentors, workers, and practitioners.
• Seminars on human rights with educators, role models, mentors and group leaders, promoting social responsibility and cooperation with HIT for their awareness campaigns.
• Workshops aimed at co-creating the awareness and collaboration campaign of different "HIT teams" and society in general

The objective of this project is to contribute to a better understanding of the incidence of hate speech against migrants and other groups, among children and young people, while raising awareness about this issue and promoting its prevention.

The project began on October 1, 2018, and will last 24 months. It will bring together nine European partners from different countries: HFC Hope For Children CRC Policy Center (Cyprus, leading partner), Rinova Limited (United Kingdom), Collage Arts (United Kingdom), Associazione Culturale Mulab (Italy), CEPS Social Projects (Barcelona), "The Smile of the Child" (Greece), Frederick University (Cyprus), Metropolisnet-European Metropolis Employment Network Ewiv (Germany) and Foundation of Gender Alternatives (Bulgaria).

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Οι Ομάδες Διακοπής Μίσους της Κύπρου έχουν σχηματιστεί και είναι έτοιμες να αναλάβουν δράση!


Το Θερινό Σχολείο HIT ήταν μια πρώτη επαφή στον κόσμο της καταπολέμησης της ρητορικής μίσους με δημιουργικά μέσα και προσέφερε ένα 5-ήμερο ταξίδι ενδυνάμωσης στους νέους. Παρείχε έναν ασφαλή χώρο στο...
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The First Hate Interrupter Teams in Cyprus

United Kingdom

The HIT Summer School was a first glimpse into the world of combating hate speech through creative means and a 5-day journey of empowerment for young people. The HIT activities provided a safe s...
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Formamos equipos para combatir el odio y el racismo!


El pasado 13 de Junio ​​nos reunimos em Barcelona con entidades que trabajans con jóvenes e / ou combaten el odio y el racismo. Fue nuestro primer 'Focus Group HIT' no debate sobre temas reais, ...
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Focus Group Hit - 13 de Junio


El pasado 13 de junio nos reunimos en Barcelona para el nuestro primer "Focus Goup Hit", con entidades que trabajan con jóvenes y/o combaten el odio y el racismo. Debatimos sobre los temas actuales, ...
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Come è profondo il mare


Folias presents COME E' PROFONDO IL MARE "Open air history and street art lessons on migrations of yesterday, today and tomorrow"A day / event on the theme of History as an opportunity for discussion...
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Το έργο προσφέρει ένα νέο μοντέλο ενδυνάμωσης της Ευρωπαϊκής νεολαίαςμέσω της δημιουργίας των Ομάδων διακοπής μίσους (HITs – Hater InterrupterTeams) που απευθύνεται κυρίως σε νέους ηλικίας 14-19 ετών...
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